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Guest vocals by Zwedda

Play fast! Work slow!

Sub Alert was formed in Tidaholm 2004 with the intention to make fast Punkrock. The inspiration from every corner of Punk resulted in musicish...
We rehearse sometimes, we record sometimes, we gig sometimes..


Drums: Masken
Bass: Magnus
Guitar: Lennart
Guitar & Vocals: Per

Things that happened after all

  • 2005 - Released Take Part
  • 2006 - Released Create Your Own Fate
  • 2007 - Ted left the band
  • 2008 - Released What Makes You Go On?
  • 2009 - Released Samma Hat / Split EP with Krimtänk
  • 2010 - Cover of the month project - Released one cover a month through out the year
  • 2011 - Released Cover Of The Month on CD
  • 2011 - False Sense Of Security and Mother Natures Terror Squad is released on the compilation "Dimmorna Skingras"
  • 2011 - Released It's My Choice / Split EP with Angelpiss
  • 2012 - Lennart joins the band
  • 2012 - Besserwissermentalitet is released on the compilation "Turist i Tillvaron Vol.5"
  • 2018 - Released Obekväma Människor

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All music released by Sub Alert is free to download and use.
If you want to buy any of the records on vinyl, send a mail.