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Sub Alert It's My Choice
Get Off My Back
Hopplöshetens Budbärare
Whatever It Takes
Sub Alert Cover Of The Month 2010
Hata Dig Själv - Krimtänk
Small Man Big Mouth - Minor Threat
At The Edge - Stiff Little Fingers
Stoner Punk - Warcollapse
My Life - Sick Of It All
Gunhead Battalion - Wolfpack
MTV Get Off The Air - Dead Kennedys
Vårdad Klädsel - Kriminella Gitarrer
A Mean While - Meanwhile
Warthog - The Ramones
When - Bad Religion
Blodröd - Avskum
Sätt Benet i Halsen På Borgarjävlarna - Unos Kanoner

Sub Alert Samma Hat / Split Ep
Ett Svin I Kostym
Jesus Was Not Right
What makes you go on? - Sub Alert
Nothing To Fear (feat. Mo Brodén)
All Empires Fall
Life Fight
True Turn False (feat. Mo Brodén)
Break Down / Break Out
Ever Felt
Create your own fate - Sub Alert
Don't Call It Punk, Punk!
This World
Think Again
Sub Alert Take Part
D.I.Y. Feat. Mo Brodén from The Liptones
God On Your Side Feat. Mo Brodén
Break Down / Break Out
No Use
Think Again
Soul Saver
Don't Pity Me
Nothing Real Feat. Kim Nilsson from Blisterhead
Go Rebel
Hellowed Be Thy Name Feat. Kim Nilsson
The Big Sleep
Fight On Feat. Kim Nilsson