Sub Alert 2004

Sub Alert is a Tidaholm (Sweden) based band formed in 2004. With the intension to make fast Punk Rock. ¾ of the band had played together in different constalations before and where now longing back to the roots of hard hitting punk rock.

Ted, Magnus and Masken contacted Per for trying out on guitar and vocals. They met without having any songs written. After some chatting and coffé the instruments where pluged in and three songs where written that evening in Tidaholm.

Sub Alert Biography

The match was good and they desided to put some effort in the band. As they continued to write songs in the same furious speed, Per and Ted began to share the vocals, and the sound of modern punk rock mixed with the old school influenses gave birth to Sub Alert.

In 2005 they released the debut album "Take Part". A 13 tracks CD recorded and mixed by Kim Nilsson from Blisterhead in studio 8'an. During the winter 2005/2006 they entered Studio 98th and recorded six songs later released as a MCD called "Create Your Own Fate" by Fight Back Records and Slaskrock. 2007, Ted decided to leave the band.

Sub Alert Sticky Fingers

Sub Alert went on as a trio and in the end of the year they started the recording process of a new 7inch. Recorded in the same studio as "Create Your Own Fate".

The result of that recording which was Sub Alerts’ first as a three piece were 7 songs incl a cover and a re-recording of an old song from the Take Part CD. 6 of them ended up on our first vinyl release, the “What makes you go on ?” 7’’ pressed in 300ex on Fight Back Rec as usual. During the time after this 7’’ was released we did a few gigs and made an appearance on a few comp tapes.

Sub Alert studio

A descent amount of new songs have been made during this time too, and we have been doing some recordings in our rehearsal room. One of those are now released on our brand new split 7’’ with our partners in crime Krimtänk. A record that we’ve been talking about doing for a long time. And now it’s finally out! This one also features our first own song in swedish... Fight On!

Take Part CD 2005
Fight Back Records
Sub Alert - Take Part
Redorded in Falköping by Kim Nilsson. 1000ex. Guest vocals by Mo Brodén and Kim Nilsson..
Create Your Own Fate Mcd 2006
Fight Back Records / Slaskrock
Sub Alert - Create your own fate
Recorded in Tidaholm by Patrik Nilsson winter 2005/2006. 300ex, so far.
What Makes You Go On? 7" Ep Vinyl 2008
Fight Back Records
Sub Alert - What makes you go on
Recorded in Tidaholm by Patrik Nilsson. Guest vocals by Mo Brodén and backingvocals by Henke Bromander from The Liptones. The first release by Sub Alert as a trio. 300ex.
Samma Hat / Split Ep with Krimtänk 7" Vinyl 2009
Fight Back Records / Pike Records
Sub Alert - Samma Hat
Recorded by ourselves in Tidaholm. Sub Alerts first time recording, mixing, mastering and producing. This is a split Ep with Krimtänk.500ex.
Cover Of The Month 2010 CD 2011
Fight Back Records
Recorded by Sub Alert in Tidaholm. Guests: Mo Brodén, Snick and Henke from The Liptones. Kreben and Fredde. Per Anteryd from The Twilight Birds. 150ex.
It's My Choice / Split Ep withAngelpiss 7" Vinyl 2011
Fight Back Records / Angelpiss
Sub Alert My Choice
Recorded by Sub Alert in Tidaholm 2011.